What To Do With Old Motorcycle Helmet [2023]


A friend of mine recently gave me his old motorcycle helmet. He said it was a great helmet, but that he didn’t want to use it anymore because it was too small. I asked him if he had any other helmets in his garage.

He said he did, but they were all too big. I asked him if he wanted to sell them. He said he didn’t, but that he would give them away if I could find a good cause. I told him that I’d take them all, and that we’d get them to a good home for a good cause. He agreed.

So here are my top 10 tips for what to do with old motorcycle helmets:

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Top 10 tips for what to do with old motorcycle helmets

Here is the list of 10 tips for what to do with old motorcycle helmets:

  • Donate to charity
  • Give them to kids
  • Recycle them
  • Reuse them
  • Sell them
  • Practice Your Painting Skills
  • Donate them to a museum
  • Give them to a police officer
  • Throw them away
  • Donate It To Emergency Services
  • Donate to charity

If you have any old motorcycle helmets lying around, you might want to donate them to a charity. You can easily donate your old helmets to a local homeless shelter or a nursing home for older people.

It doesn’t matter if the helmets are in good condition or not. You will get some money for them from the charity. You can get these funds from any local charity organization.

Give them to kids

When you have a kid, you will know that he/she has a lot of accidents and injuries. Most of these injuries occur on bikes. This is why it is good to give your kid an old motorcycle helmet. They can help your kid in case of an accident.

Recycle them

There are many organizations that collect these items. Some of them collect helmets, so you can give them to your local charity organization. Kids often play with these helmets. They are very fragile and can easily get damaged. You can always recycle them and donate them to children. They can use these helmets for playing.

You should know that these helmets are in good shape. You will need to cut off the nose holes and the chin pads. You will also need to remove the old paint and stickers. It is important to remove all the things before you get the cash. You can sell these helmets and get a little money for yourself. It is good to keep some of the money for yourself, though.

Reuse them

Some people use these helmets as decorations in their homes. You should know that these helmets were used by a lot of people. You can reuse these helmets, especially if you don’t like them.

Many people use them to decorate their homes. You can use them for some other purposes as well. Some people use them to protect their heads and others use them to play sports. These helmets are a very useful item.

You should buy a helmet and put it on your bike. Keep your motorcycle helmet with you while you are riding.

Sell them

if you think they are cool. Some of them can make great gifts. You can also sell them online and get cash. You can either sell them in person or you can put them in auctions.

If you are planning to do this, you need to make sure that the helmet you are selling is in good condition. You don’t want to give a customer something that has been damaged.

If you want to sell your helmet online, you should check out eBay. You can use it to sell your helmet. You can make the listing and you can add pictures to it.

Make sure to give a clear description and price. The best part about eBay is that you can get paid.

Practice Your Painting Skills

You can practice your painting skills on your old helmet. You can paint it any color you like. You just need to make sure that it is a suitable color. You can even decorate it with any designs you like.

Donate them to a museum

Make sure that you ask them before you donate it. If you decide to give them away, be sure that you don’t damage them in any way. You may be asked to sign them, so make sure that you are okay with it.

Give them to a police officer

what to do with old motorcycle helmets

He can sell them or use them for his personal use. Some people give them to charity organizations. These organizations can either sell them or give them away to others. There are many different organizations that can benefit from your donation.

The best way to know which organization to give them to is to check with the police department or the local police association. They can help you find organizations that can really use them.

Donate It To Emergency Services

There are a lot of organizations that will gladly take your old motorcycle helmet. These organizations can be used by the military, firefighters, police officers, paramedics and emergency medical technicians.

These organizations are willing to receive these helmets because they know that the helmets can help others. They can even sell them to others, especially if they are not in good condition.

For example, they might be able to sell them to another organization that needs the money. There are many reasons why these organizations would want your old motorcycle helmet. The first reason is that they know that the helmets can help other people.

Another reason is that they know that the helmets are worth something. Some of these organizations may even use the helmets as advertising tools.

Throw them away

if you are not using them anymore. They will not be useful anymore. You should not throw them away in the garbage. Some people may think that you are throwing them away when you do that.

You should not throw them in a trash can that can be reached by a wild animal. Animals can eat these items, and they may choke on them. They can also catch a disease from these items.

You should throw them away if you don’t want them. This is the best way to ensure that they stay out of your life forever. Even if you plan to donate them to a charity, it’s best to throw them away.


It’s a great idea to donate your old bike helmet to a charity. If you don’t want to part with it, consider giving it to a friend or relative who will use it for the purpose for which it was intended.

Hopefully you have learned something new and interesting about how to deal with the items you no longer need.

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