What Is A Pinlock Visor? Everything You Need To Know

What Is A Pinlock Visor. The Pinlock anti-fog visor is an innovative solution to the problem of fogged-up visors. It consists of two layers: a thin, flexible visor on the inside of the helmet visor and a thick, flexible polycarbonate on the outside of the helmet visor.

This visor system is a very efficient solution to the problem of foggy visors. It has the added benefit of being highly resistant to the elements. The visor system can be easily removed, cleaned, and replaced.

What Is A Pinlock Visor?

Pinlock lenses are fitted to the visor of your helmet, and they work by trapping a layer of air between the visor and the lens.

This is How the Helmet Pinlock Visor was Invented

Derek Arnold developed the anti-fog visor to eliminate the problems that he encountered while racing. During the first race on the TT Circuit in Assen, his visor got wet due to the mist. He then realized that his visor was no longer keeping the wind out of his eyes.

To solve this problem, he created the first anti-fog visor for the motorcycle. This was the first time that a helmet visor was invented to keep the wind out of the rider’s eyes. Find here best Microdot Helmets for Motorcycles.

Helmet Pinlock vs. Sunglasses which is the Best Option

In the past, when you needed to wear a helmet, you would have to wear sunglasses to keep the wind out of your eyes. This meant that you could not wear your glasses while riding.

But, the Pinlock anti-fog visor allows you to wear your glasses while riding. You can now enjoy your bike riding and not have to worry about your eyes getting wet or fogging up. Sunglasses are not an option anymore because of the Pinlock

Why Pinlock is better than Sunglasses?

Pinlock has a very thin visor that does not fog up in case of rain.

How does the Pinlock anti-fog lens work?

Indeed, the Pinlock lens has a special anti-fog coating. This coating reduces the risk of fogging and moisture in the air.

A small quantity of air is stored in the air chamber. This air keeps the visor closed and keeps the air away from the Pinlock lens.

Fitting a Pinlock anti-fog lens

Now you can put the helmet visor back on the helmet. It should fit just as tight as before. If it is not fitting tightly, try removing the visor from the helmet, taking the Pinlock lens out of the visor, and putting it back in the plastic holder.

Try to press the lens as flat as possible against the inside of the visor. If it is still not fit, try the other side of the visor. Once the Pinlock lens is pressed against the visor, make sure it is still on straight.

What are the benefits of a Pinlock visor?

There are many benefits of a helmet Pinlock visor because they are made with the best quality material and designed to protect your eyes from the sun. The visor is an integral part of the helmet and can help to keep your eyes safe from the sun and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

The best visor for you will depend on your style, activity, and preference. You can choose from a visor with a clear or tinted lens. The tinted lens will reduce the glare on the visor and will keep your eyes protected from the sun.

Can I wear a Pinlock visor while driving?

No, but it would be a very bad idea to wear a visor while driving.

Is Pinlock safe?

Surprisingly, Pinlock is safe. In fact, Pinlock has been tested by a leading American company. It has been tested for 5 years.

You can find the Pinlock anti-fog visor in leading motorcycle shops and websites. The Pinlock visor is available in many different colors.

Can I use a Pinlock anti-fog visor when riding in cold weather?

Yes, you can use a Pinlock anti-fog visor in cold weather. Pinlock is the only anti-fog visor that is suitable for cold weather.


  • You can ride in cold weather and still be protected from the cold.
  • Pinlock is easy to use
  • It is made with a special anti-fog coating.
  • The Pinlock visor is very easy to use and it will keep the wind out of your eyes.
  • The Pinlock visor is made with the best quality materials and it is safe.


  • The Pinlock visor does not fit all helmets.

How to install a Pinlock lens? Video Tutorial


If you are looking for a safe, comfortable helmet, you should choose a Pinlock visor. The Pinlock visor will keep the wind out of your eyes and it will keep you safe from the sun.

I hope all your queries have been solved and you know everything you should know.

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