Harvard University

Harvard University, nestled in Cambridge, Massachusetts, stands as a beacon of academic excellence, innovation, and tradition. Founded in 1636, it holds the distinction of being the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. With its rich history, esteemed faculty, and diverse student body, Harvard has become synonymous with intellectual prowess and achievement worldwide. Whether you’re considering applying, curious about its programs, or simply want to learn more, this guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of Harvard University.

Introduction to Harvard University

  • History: Established originally as “New College,” Harvard has evolved over centuries to become the globally renowned institution it is today.
  • Mission: Harvard’s mission is to educate the citizens and citizen-leaders for our society through the pursuit of truth, and the development of innovative ideas.
  • Campus: The sprawling campus spans across Cambridge, with iconic buildings such as Harvard Yard, Widener Library, and Memorial Hall.

Admissions Process

  • Requirements: Applicants must submit transcripts, standardized test scores (SAT or ACT), letters of recommendation, and essays.
  • Application Process: Apply through the Common Application or the Universal College Application. Deadlines typically fall in December for Regular Decision and November for Early Action.
  • Financial Aid: Harvard is committed to making education affordable for all admitted students. Financial aid packages are need-based, with no loans required.

Academic Programs

  • Undergraduate Schools: Harvard College offers a wide range of undergraduate programs in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences.
  • Graduate Schools: Harvard’s graduate schools, including Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School, and Harvard Medical School, are world-renowned for their excellence in research and education.
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: Harvard encourages interdisciplinary learning, with programs such as the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology.

Campus Life

  • Student Organizations: With over 400 student organizations, ranging from academic clubs to cultural groups, there’s something for everyone.
  • Residential Houses: Harvard College students live in one of the 12 residential houses, fostering a close-knit community and providing various social and academic resources.
  • Athletics: Harvard boasts a rich athletic tradition, competing in the Ivy League and offering a wide range of varsity and club sports.

Faculty and Research

  • Distinguished Faculty: Harvard’s faculty includes Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, and leading scholars in their fields.
  • Research Opportunities: Students have access to cutting-edge research facilities and opportunities to collaborate with faculty on groundbreaking projects.
  • Centers and Institutes: Harvard houses numerous research centers and institutes focusing on diverse areas such as public health, technology, and the arts.

Table of Comparisons: Harvard vs. Other Universities

AspectHarvard UniversityOther Universities
AgeOldest in the USVaries
Academic ReputationExceptionalVaries
Financial AidGenerousVaries
Campus FacilitiesState-of-the-artVaries
Research OpportunitiesAbundantVaries


Is Harvard University only for the elite?

  • No, Harvard is committed to diversity and provides generous financial aid to admitted students based on need.

What is the student-faculty ratio at Harvard?

  • The student-faculty ratio is approximately 6:1, ensuring personalized attention and mentorship.

Can international students apply to Harvard?

  • Yes, Harvard welcomes applications from students all over the world and provides support for international students throughout their academic journey.


Harvard University stands as a symbol of academic excellence, innovation, and diversity. With its rich history, distinguished faculty, and commitment to fostering the next generation of leaders, Harvard continues to inspire and shape the future of education. Whether you’re a prospective student, a current member of the Harvard community, or simply an admirer of higher learning, exploring Harvard is an enriching experience that transcends borders and generations.

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