Bell Race Star Flex Dlx Helmet Review [2023]


The Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmet is a great helmet for downhill racing, and it is currently one of the best helmets on the market. I have been testing this helmet for a couple of months now and I am very impressed with its performance.

This is the best helmet on the market for downhill racing and I am sure that it will be a great helmet for all-mountain biking as well. This post will is about Bell Race Star Flex Dlx Helmet Review.

A Detailed Review of Bell Race Star Flex Dlx Helmet 

Bell Race Star Flex Dlx Helmet – Features


The design of the Race Star utilizes a three-layer carbon-fiber construction to deliver a lighter, stronger, and more protective helmet.

The shell is constructed of 3k Carbon-fiber and is one of the strongest materials available. The liner and chin guard are constructed of a combination of 2k and 3k Carbon-fiber.


The Bell Flexx liner is Bell’s proprietary design and is comprised of a soft inner liner and an outer shell. This material is soft enough to conform to the head but hard enough to protect it. The liner is available in four different densities.

Face Shield

The Bell RaceStar Face Shield is a multi-layered shield that provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays and a clear view of the road ahead. The shield has a visor and clear lens and it has a tempered glass lens.

The lens is made of photochromic glass that darkens when exposed to sunlight. The lens is designed to darken from a dark to a clear state. The shield is DOT approved


The visor is removable and features a high-contrast finish. The visor is designed to tilt up to 100° to provide protection from the sun and fog. The visor can be removed from the helmet and cleaned.

The visor also features a tear-away shield that can be replaced if damaged. The visor also has a snap-in sun visor attachment for use when the visor is in a closed position.


The RaceStar is ventilated to allow for maximum airflow. This helmet features a large cutout in the chin guard to allow for better ventilation. The helmet has 4 air vents.

Cheek Pads

The cheek pads are the most important part of the helmet and they need to fit properly. The RaceStar uses a unique triple-density pad that provides superior comfort and superior fit. The pads have been constructed of a combination of 2k and 3k carbon fiber.

The pads are made to fit tightly around the face and the chin and they are reinforced with an additional layer of carbon fiber. The pad is designed to be worn in multiple positions


The RaceStar uses a multi-layered seal that is designed to keep out moisture and debris. The seal is a hybrid design that uses a combination of materials and designs


The Bell RaceStar has a carbon fiber reinforcement in the shell. The carbon fiber is added to the outer layer of the shell to provide strength and durability


The RaceStar has been designed to be extremely comfortable. The liner is made of a soft inner liner and a hard outer shell.

Safety Standard

The Bell RaceStar is DOT certified. The Bell RaceStar meets the FMVSS 218 Standard

Anti Bacterial liner

The liner of the RaceStar is anti-bacterial. The liner is a multi-layered liner that is designed to reduce the growth of bacteria.

Flex Energy Management

RaceStar uses an advanced energy management system. The system is designed to provide a comfortable fit and a high level of protection. The system has an advanced head-tracking system that is designed to help the rider stay in position and avoid neck injury

Special Features

The Bell RaceStar is a high-performance, lightweight helmet. The helmet has a number of features that make it stand out from the rest of the competition.

Details of this product

Face ShieldYes
Weight4.8 pounds
Ventilation Yes
Helmet TypeFull Face
Hearing ProtectionYes

Ride Tested: Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmet

Company History

The year was 1954. Roy Richter had a dream. He wanted to build a new kind of helmet. One that would be strong and comfortable and protect his head.

Bell Race Star Flex Dlx Helmet Review

The rest of his head. And all of his other head. Roy Richter’s dream would become Bell Helmets.


  • Very comfortable helmet
  • Great ventilation
  • Very lightweight
  • Great Looker


  • Not cheap but worth it

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a hard shell and a soft shell?

The difference between a hard shell and a soft shell is the material that is used to make the shell. A hard shell is made of ABS and PVC. A soft shell is made of a different material.

Can I use a triple strap?

Yes. The Bell RaceStar has a triple strap. The helmet is designed to be comfortable. The helmet is designed to provide a tight fit. The triple strap will provide additional comfort and fit

How do I know which size helmet to get?

The Star Flex DLX Pro helmet is available in four different sizes. To determine which size helmet to get, you need to measure the circumference of your head. The helmet size chart can be found on the back of the helmet box.

Is the Bell Star Flex DLX a helmet that’s designed for racing?

No, the Star Flex DLX is not a racing helmet. It’s a full-face helmet that is used for all types of riding.

How many vents does the Bell Star Flex DLX have?

The Bell Star Flex DLX has seven vents.

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